The best exterior paint colours to get your house sold fast

The best exterior paint colours to get your house sold fast

Nothing matters more for selling your house than making a solid first impression. Choosing the right exterior paint colour will help you highlight your house’s architectural features and style. That’s key if you want to get your home sold fast, and in this article, we’ll look at the best exterior paint colours to achieve that.

Colour palette for home exterior painting and a paintbrush.

Best exterior paint colours

Painting your home a sophisticated, attention-grabbing colour is the way to go if you want offers coming in from the moment you get it listed. The point of your exterior paint is to make your house stand out to the buyer as being the best house in the street. And, bold colours in keeping with the architectural design of your home will make it eye-catching and beautiful.

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For a bold first impression, neutral tones will always work, but a rich navy blue or a crisp, clean white with complementary trim might be better. Below is a guide to help you get started on your home.

Main colour Trim and accents
Off-white Dark colours
Gray Dark colours
Blue/Black White
Taupe/Earthy tones White

Speaking to a colour consultant will help you pick a colour buyers’ will raving about from the moment they set eyes on your home.

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Exterior paint colours that will work well on your home

Soft Yellow

Soft yellows are warm and inviting without being too harsh. The colour will look eye-catching from the curb, and most buyers will love that it can make a statement. Plus, it will give buyers’ that summery feel we all love, and that’s always a good thing.

If you’d like more colour, soft pink, blues and green will also work.

Gentle grey

Gentle grey on your exterior walls will also help sell your home fast because even though it is a neutral colour, it is not dull and boring. The grey will give your home a sturdy, lived-in feel of a house that could become a home.

White and Black

If your house features a modern design, a white monochrome scheme with black accents will improve its appeal. These colours will show off and complement the structural design.

For buyers that love modern design highlighting the straight lines and edge will make your home irresistible.


If you have a victorian style home and white is a bit plain for you, blue will be the perfect alternate. It’ll give your home a regal, stately feel that appeals to buyers while evoking vacation home by the sea feelings.

A quality blue paint job will complement your home and make it stand out from the crowd.

Taupe or Earthy tones

Taupe is another exterior paint colour you can use to sell your home fast. A taupe shade or an earthy tone variant on your house will make it feel grounded. It will also highlight the natural beauty around your home.

Another great reason you might go with taupe is that it hides grimes and dirt on exterior walls better than other colours. So, if you have pets or you are not yet ready to sell, a taupe exterior will give you the freedom to enjoy your home and not worry about it being grimy when you eventually put it on the market.

Selling your home is all about making a solid first impression and keeping the buyer hooked. Getting the exterior paint job right leave the buyer primed to appreciated everything else your home offers.

The best interior paint colours to sell your house
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If you’re not sure what would work well on your house, a colour consultant or realtor can help you pick colours to make the sort of statement buyers are looking for.

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