5 ideas for house paint colour combinations

5 ideas for house paint colour combinations

Not sure which colour to choose for you house and why? We've put together five ideas for combining colours for your house.

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1. A light house with a dark roof

A light exterior paint on a house with a dark roof is a timeless classic that you can't go wrong with.

White house with a grey roof.

2. Grey and white house

A grey and white colours gives houses a modern look. White ensures that the building does not look too industrial, which can happen with all grey colour.

Grey and white modern house.

3. House in brown and beige shades

A house in brown shades looks natural and homely. Details can be painted in lighter shades of brown or in off-white. Earthy tones colours are both practical and aesthetic.

brown house

Beige and light brown colours on a house look both natural and elegant. Brown and beige colours can also be combined with each other.

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4. Light yellow house

Very popular, but still neutral enough. It is warmer and more comfortable than classic white. Yellow house gives a feeling of optimism and warmth

yellow house

For a more modern house look, combine yellow with grey.

A house in the suburbs with a bright yellow exterior and a grey chimney and roof.

5. Pastel and light-coloured house

If you want a slightly livelier house but don't want to show too much, lighter and softer colours are the way to go. Soft colours will make your house stand out just as much as you need to.

Country house in apricot shade. Get free quotes for exterior house painting