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5.0 / 5
Plumbing repairs and maintenance
Alletta M., Johannesburg
I was looking for a local plumber to fix the repeated problems I was having with blocked drains. I was browsing the web reading client testimonials when I came across Procompare. I submitted a request and was surprised to get 5 quotes in a matter of days. I was really happy with the outcome. The chosen plummer is very professional and polite. He did a fantastic job.Thank you! I'll definitely hire him again.
5.0 / 5
Plumbing repairs and maintenance
Alphe L., Bloemfontein
Thank you procompare for a great service! I was looking for a professional plumber to unblock a bathroom drain and instantly got 6 very competitive quotes. The work was done professionally and in a timely manner.
5.0 / 5
Plumbing repairs and maintenance
Limpopo K., Sandton
We had problems with one of our drains for some time, so we really needed a plumber to check it out. We got 5 quotes through Procompare and opted for an experienced plumber. He also did some additional plumbing repair in our house. We were really pleased.
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