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5.0 / 5
Plumbing repairs and maintenance
Antoine B., East London
The last time we needed some plumbing work done we went with a plumber our friend recommended. He was completely clueless, so we ended up with a flooded basement. So this time over we were sure to get a professional plumber. Looking online I came across Procompare. We received several quotes from plumbers in our area. We opted for the most experienced of the bunch, as we did not want to go through another fiasco. The chosen contractor performed excellent work. The team cleaned up after their work and left the house in an excellent condition. Will use their services again!
5.0 / 5
Plumbing repairs and maintenance
Ayanda T., Johannesburg area
Great service! I got several quotes from local plumbing companies in no time, without the hassle of contacting any of them. Plus the work was done quickly and well. Super happy!
5.0 / 5
Plumbing installation/replacement
Cardel N., Cape Town
We wanted to freshen up our bathroom with a new toilet, sink and shower. I was looking at some plumbing companies online, when I found Procompare and quickly submitted a request, not really expecting to get anything back. Procompare contacted me almost immediately and in a few days or so I got a few very competitive quotes. They connected me to a local plumber, who did an excellent job.
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