At Procompare, we have been tracking prices and seasonal trends for many years. Based on our proprietary data of historical project costs (acquired from thousands of our Pros) and other cost data from various respectable sources, we have put together a 2021 flooring installation cost guide, where we have gathered all the necessary information for you to make the best possible decision.

Flooring installation
Average cost R135 / sqm
Cost range R70R200 / sqm

This is the price for flooring installation per square metre. Prices largely depend on the type of flooring selected, the contractor, the scope of the project, and difficulty of installation. For example, installing hardwood flooring is more demanding and therefore more expensive than installing other types of flooring (laminate, vinyl, linoleum, etc.). Flooring installation costs range between R70 / sqm and R200 / sqm with an average of R135 / sqm.

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Recent jobs for flooring installation

City or suburb where you need the service: Arauna
Approx. floor size: 98 sqm
Do you want the Pro to supply the flooring?: I will discuss this with the Pro
Estimated project start: 1–3 months
So just some notes to guide you through the attachments. A - Confirmed small block parquet floor as per foto (Might be a block or two missing) B - The owner can not remember if there were parquet floor, its been 40 years... Her son say that there might be, but not % sure. C - There is only carpet on top of the concrete, we would like to know if there is a product that we can use that might tie into the parquet look for this area. I think the full floor area of the confirmed space is about : 44 square meters The un confirmed space is about : 37 square meters TV room and study is about : 16 square meters 1st quote: Restore of the confirmed area. (Including the lifting of the carpet, since I might break the floor even more) 2nd quote: Restore of the total confirmed and un confirmed area (Including the lifting of the carpet, since I might break the floor even more) 3rd quote: A suitable option that would tie in with the parquet floor look.