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Bradley Bedser: The leads I receive generate business right away

Bradley Bedser: The leads I receive generate business right away

Brad Bedser is the owner of a digital agency called The Digital Difference. He started the company in 2014 while doing his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Honours.

He is a businessman and an entrepreneur at his core who likes working with small to medium businesses and building relationships with individuals from a wide variety of industries and sectors.

What problems were you trying to solve by joining Procompare?

I offer extremely good products and services at affordable prices compared to what the overall industry is charging.

It is difficult to find quality leads from small and medium businesses.

However, with the number of new business start-ups coming into the industry it is difficult to find good quality leads from small to medium businesses that are serious but that are also still in the market.

What changed for your business after joining Procompare?

I started to get extremely busy and the feeling of getting good leads, whether I got the business or not, felt really good and felt like immediate growth.

What surprised you the most about Procompare?

I was extremely happy and surprised with the leads I received which generated business right away.

The leads I received generated business right away.

How did you manage to generate business right away? Any tips for other Pros?

I responded quickly to each lead and because of my previous quality service and reasonable pricing - I managed to secure the business.

Bradley Bedser, the owner of The Digital Difference company from Johannesburg with a cigar in his hand.

How does cooperation with Procompare pay off for you compared to other advertising channels?

As a digital industry professional, I use various digital advertising methods to generate leads. Procompare has been one of the most effective ones.

I use various marketing channels. Procompare has been one of the most effective ones.

Procompare is the only platform I am advertising on at the moment.

What else do you like about our service?

The leads are of high quality and the dedicated liaison I received is efficient and helpful.

If the lead isn’t up to standard, Procompare even refunds you - which is one of the many aspects I find brilliant.

Would you recommend Procompare to others?

Yes, I would. I have already mentioned Procompare to a few of my family members who also have their own businesses.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Brad. What are your plans for the future?

I have a wife and a child on the way so they are without a doubt what drives me day in and day out to be better and do better.

What also drives me are the constant opportunities I get to meet new people and help them grow their businesses.

I will continue to provide good services at a reasonable price.

My plans for the future are to keep working hard, and consistently provide good products and services at a really reasonable price and through that I know I will continue to grow The Digital Difference and my relationships.

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