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10 reasons why you should join Procompare

10 reasons why you should join Procompare

The best entrepreneurs are always looking for ways and means to improve their services and businesses. Getting new customers is crucial to your company's growth. We can help you with that on The rest is up to you.

So why should you join the thousands of satisfied professionals and businesses who already work with us?

1. You get proper leads

Get requests for services and products you offer, from the areas where you are active and for projects that match your needs and capabilities. You decide in advance how many leads you want to receive as well as the size and the deadline of the projects you wish to take on. You can always adjust, temporarily suspend (for example, when you go on holiday) or set a weekly limit on the number of leads you get.

2. We are actively searching for new customers that fit your needs

Since we only charge you for the sent leads, it is in our best interest to ensure that we find as many good customers as possible. That's why we are always looking for them through many different channels.

3. We check every customer first

We will never send you a request without first contacting the customer over the phone to check their seriousness and actual needs. Only then do we send the lead to you. We eliminate all purely informative and unsuitable user requests before they reach you.

4. Pros are similar in terms of quality and price

Just as we check the customers, we also check the professionals. We exclude those who offer services at prices that are notably lower than the expected ones. On Procompare, you won't find unreliable contractors who aren’t good at what they do.

Happy black professional builder with a plan in front of him.

5. Choose a package, cancel anytime

Join the community of Procompare Pros for free. Choose a package in advance based on the number of leads you want to receive. We do not take any commissions for projects, money transactions or anything else. You are under no obligation and can unsubscribe at any time.

6. We introduce you to the customer in advance

When you receive their request, we announce you to the customer. They are expecting your offer and know who you are when you call them.

7. You and 5 other Pros max will get that lead

You will never be competing against more than 5 comparable craftsmen or companies, so the chances of you winning the job are high. React quickly, as most customers decide after the first 3 phone calls or quotes they get.

8. We’re committed 100% to you

We are always available during working hours. We dedicate ourselves 100% to you and answer your questions by phone, email or online chat. In case of a missed call, we will call you back as soon as possible.

9. We are cheaper than other forms of advertising

Our prices for sent leads are comparatively lower than advertising on Google or other types of online advertising.

10. User profile and customer reviews

When you join, you get a user profile where you can find potential customers’ contacts and control your spending. Customer reviews and comments are published on your web profile and reflect the quality of the services you provide.