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Property type: House/Townhouse
City or suburb where you need the service: Paarl
Approx. size (sqm): 226
Estimated project start: More than 3 months
I want a double story on existing house using nutec. 3 bedrooms one being on suit. One bathroom and a living room. Current house renovating downstairs into open plan so some walls need to cone down and some doors bricked up. 2nd flat of 90 sqm also nutec in back of property. This consists of 2 bedrooms a bathroom/shower and open plan living kitchen.
Property type: Apartment/Flat
City or suburb where you need the service: Durban
Approx. size (sqm): 60
Estimated project start: Within a month
Would like a design which is called "The wedge" that was in "Bisi magazine". Want set of plans for that design specific. Double storey. Steel and glass construction. Would like it bigger. Engineering drawing. In process of buying land but tricky because need the plans first to see if can build there.
Architects, House designs
Property type: Apartment/Flat
City or suburb where you need the service: Norkem Park
Approx. size (sqm): 200
Estimated project start: 1–3 months
This vacant land is a subdivision, it is in the residential area, however, I need to build either two/one bedroom cottages with a shower, toilet, kitchen sink. Perhaps it has to be designed in a form that it will be accepted to build, if the double storey allows great & preferable if not a single storey then. size of the plot

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