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City or suburb: Bloemfontein
I need electrician to install a backup power system on a house. All components: batteries, inverters, wires, connectors ect will be supplied. The batteries and inverters will be installed in the garage of the house, power will run from the main db board to the inverter to charge the batteries, then back out from the batteries to the inverter to the db board into the house. When power to the house from the municipal main line cuts out the power from the batteries will kick in and power the house. Expectations: clean and maintainable job needs to be done, the work will be inspected afterward and any necessary changes will have to be made, safe and maintainable work is of priority.
City (or suburb) where you need the service: Kwamhlanga, Bronkhorstspruit
Type of repair: Other
Its a project which i will need to sub contract proper company that does sewer and plumbing manatainance service since i have quite few projects panel sometimes I'm tasked to do or produce RFQ within panel projects won already. See attachment of shot BOQ I have sent Quote with Company letter head and contacts so that when ever I have I don't want to struggle
Rowallan Park
City (or suburb) where you need the service: Rowallan Park, Port Elizabeth
Type of repair: Sink or faucet repair
Hi, can you please supply me with a quote. My bathtub pop up came out now using a normal plug, secondly a hairpin got stuck in the sink and now the pop up plug won't come back up, thirdly my toilet after filling up the water continues to drip into the toilet, but now it is much more than dripping, I tried closing the water supply to the toilet, but even fully closed it keeps on running. Can you please help with a quote, thank you. You can email me at the email address above.
City or suburb where you need the service: Kaya Miki Adelaide Street Rustenburg
Type of service: Other
Estimated project start: 1–3 months
I have a litres of jojo slimline tank . I wanna connect water from the main water supply into jojo and from jojo into the house. I don’t know if the same pressure pump that is currently connected will work or should I buy one. I need a job to be done by professionals/ you don’t wanna take chances. So I need to know how much can be expected from me for the job to be done.
City or suburb where you need the service: Taybank
Type of service: Toilet installation or replacement, Piping installation or replacement, Shower or bathtub installation or replacement, Sink or faucet installation or replacement
Estimated project start: Within a month
1 I need to renovate my bathroom, all the sanitary ware is to be replaced as it is old and an undesirable colour. (Sink & faucet, Toilet, Bathtub with taps) 2 There is also a kitchen sink that needs to be replaced, and two taps for laundry that needs to be lowered slightly (20cm downwards). in the same position but just a bit lower so that the taps are underneath the kitchen counter.
Electricians, Electrical repair
City or suburb: Monument Park, Pretoria
Areas in need of repair or installation: Electrical garage door/gate/fence
Knowledgeable person to come and do site inspection. New extension (36 m) from existing electric fence is required to be installed on top of newly installed palisade fence, with gate on street front. Connection is to be from existing energizer. Repair one or two broken earthing pegs. Assess the general condition of existing segments of electric fence. Provide a quote that specifies cost items and labour. It would be greatly appreciated.
City or suburb where you need the service: Randburg
Type of service: Shower or bathtub installation or replacement, Piping installation or replacement, Geyser installation or replacement, Other, Toilet installation or replacement
Estimated project start: Within a month
Installation of new additional sewer line as per building plan to main sewer connection and Reroute part of existing sewer line to main sewer connection. 2. Installation of one new heat pump for 2 geysers including: - Relocating 1 existing geyser - installing a new 2nd geyser 3. New installation as per building plan of: 3/4 inch water supply pipes from geyser to points and drainage from points to sewer line for 2 new built bathrooms, 3 existing bathrooms and new built kitchen, and installation of new sanitary fittings 4. Installation of new mentis drain on driveway in front of double garage
City or suburb where you need the service: Thabong, Welkom
Type of repair: Other
Good day I need drain jet wash done on Thursday (if possible). mm pipe, approx 50m. Floor drain in shop. To grease trap then from there to municipal connection. Kindly mail quote to the above mail address a.s.a.p. If you need any additional information please contact me. Kind Regards, SHORTY
Mossel Bay
City or suburb: Mossel Bay
Areas in need of maintenance: Other / I don't know
I require someone to perform the following: 1. service and purify my oil transformer. Specs: Kva, 3.3kV/V, DY11 I also want to enquire about rates for labor when installing a standard V DB Box (All material supplied), this box feeds 3 pumps Lastly, I would like to enquire about labor rates to perform faultfinding. Pump is in working order but does not work
City or suburb where you need the service: Durban
Type of repair: Toilet repair
MEN’S TOILET GROUND FLOOR : * Fit New flange to flush Master * Remove and fit new bottom inlet ball valve. MEN’S TOILET 5th FLOOR: * 2 X Remove Flush master sensor * Fit complete new flush Master and fit new flange to flush master FEMALE TOILET 5th FLOOR : * Remove and fit new bottom inlet ball valve. * Toilet 3 – Fit new cistern seal and pan seal