Top 10 Roofing Pros Vanderbijlpark, 2021

4.0 | 1 review
We got a couple a setbacks, but they come through. The roof was done beautiful!

Services: sliding driveway gate, plastic fencing, roof waterproofing, roofing, turnstile gate, pool fence, roof inspection, burglar bars, interior painting, waterproofing, exterior house painting, fences, concrete fence, security doors, gates, swing gate

4.0 | 2 reviews
We needed a custom-size carport and got sorted quickly and professionally by EXTREME MAINTENENCE. Definitely would recommend.

Services: electrical wiring, office cleaning, plumbing companies, bathroom renovation, building contractors, electrical contractors, electrical certificate of compliance, maid services, plumbers, electrical installation, upholstery cleaning, electricians, builders, steam cleaning, pressure washing, building construction company

5.0 | 1 review
ALLES-IN-EE, Sandton
Problem analysis and experience in roof matters, got sorted nicely by ALLES-IN-EE. Would recommend!
MineWorks Metallurgy
Years on
the market

Services: house renovation company, house extension, roof sheeting, thatched roof, roof inspection, plumbers, waterproofers, house contractor, plumbing companies, waterproofing companies, roof maintenance, kitchen renovation, roofer, wall waterproofing, roof repair, flat roof waterproofing

0.0 | 0 reviews
Jimmo Construction, Kanana

Services: roof insulation, roof maintenance, house renovation company, house contractor, roofing, painting contractors, construction company, roof inspection, house wiring, painting services, building construction company, exterior house painting, flooring, roof sheeting, electrical certificate of compliance, roof leak repair

0.0 | 0 reviews
Steelworld, Kanana

Services: roof maintenance, roofing contractors, roof inspection, roof repair, roofer, roofing, roof insulation, thatched roof, roof leak repair, roof sheeting

0.0 | 0 reviews
Painting & Maintenance Solutions, Vanderbijlpark

Services: roof insulation, exterior painting, waterproofers, bitumen waterproofing, exterior house painting, roof sheeting, painters, flat roof waterproofing, waterproofing, thatched roof, roof painters, roof waterproofing, painting contractors, painting services, roofer, roof inspection

0.0 | 0 reviews
Jamo Roofing, Vanderbijlpark

Services: roof sheeting, roofing, roofer, thatched roof, roof repair, roof maintenance, roof insulation, roof inspection, roof leak repair, roofing contractors

0.0 | 0 reviews
ROOF SPARK, Vanderbijlpark
Years on
the market

Services: exterior painting, flat roof waterproofing, waterproofers, foundation waterproofing, painting services, balcony waterproofing, interior painting, painters, house painters, painting contractors, roof waterproofing, wall waterproofing, roof painters, waterproofing companies, waterproofing, torch-on waterproofing

0.0 | 0 reviews

Services: roof repair, pedestrian gate, palisade gates, vinyl flooring, electric gate, carpet, roof leak repair, driveway gates, burglar bars, exterior painting, interior painting, painters, parquet flooring, roofer, flooring, roof maintenance

0.0 | 0 reviews
Sealing Novous , Sasolburg

Services: roof leak repair, roofer, roofing, roof repair, roof insulation, roofing contractors, roof maintenance, thatched roof, roof sheeting, roof inspection

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