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Frequently asked questions

  • Which windows are best for hot humid climates?

    The best windows for hot and humid climates are ones that are energy efficient. Models that are improperly sealed can cause heat and humidity to seep in, resulting in a rise in temperature inside your home, which will cause your air conditioner to work twice as hard to keep you cool. It can also create moisture issues that can lead to the growth of dangerous substances, such as mold. When selecting the right windows for hot humid climates, start by looking at the type of frame and glass you will use. Wood frames might cost a little more, but they are also very efficient.

  • Which window frame should I choose?

    Most popular materials for window frames are wook, aluminium and PVC. They all have their own upsides and downsides: wood is a great natural insulator, but it require more maintenance, aluminium is sturdy and durable but at the same time more expensive, and PVC are low maintenance and affordable, but it has the biggest environmental impact. When choosing your window frames, you should ask yourself what your priorities are and choose accordingly.

  • Should I choose double or triple glazed windows?

    Triple-pane windows are more expensive and heavier, but they offer more thermal protection, and the added cost will likely be recouped in energy savings. You will certainly be more comfortable, and reduce the potential for moisture damage due to condensation on windows.

  • Which windows are most thermally efficient?

    Window frames have become better insulated and more durable during the last years, air seals are better, and gas-filled cavities between double and even triple panes are the norm. As long as you choose good quality windows, all PVC, aluminium and wood windows are a good option.

  • Which window frames are best for noise reduction?

    Wood has been proved to be an effective barrier against sound waves. This means that both wooden frames (which absorb the sound) and composite frames that have a timber core have the most beneficial structure to reduce the noise.

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Aluminium windows

  • City (or suburb) where you need the service: Potchefstroom
  • Number of windows: 4
  • Estimated project start: 1–3 months

Can you please send me a quotation for the following Side HungDoors with Side lights. Installation Potchefstroom – 12km out of town on R53 to Parys Grey Frames + Tinted glass – there will only be 2 Doors with windows hung. still need to decide on the composition of the frames. There is currently 2 x 1.8m Aluminium sliding doors. 1 has a Side light. These door do not function properly anymore, wheels are replaced every 2/3 months and 1 door does not lock properly. We are going to build the 1 opening smaller (the one with the side light), and actual size can only be confirmed later on. • 1.26 x 2. (Side hung door & solid side light) • 1.26 x 2. (Side hung door & 3 top hung window) • 1.86 x 2. (Double - Side hung door) • 1.86 x 2. (1 Side hung door en 3 top hung window)