4 signs your home needs a fresh coat of paint plus the 2 major benefits you’ll get from it

4 signs your home needs a fresh coat of paint plus the 2 major benefits you’ll get from it

Your home’s walls are more than just walls. They hold a lot of memories. Over time though, the paint takes a beating, the memories start to fade, and your home doesn’t make you feel quite like it used to. You don’t want that, so below are some signs you should be on the lookout for so you know when your walls are due a fresh coat of paint. Plus, find out the two major benefits of giving your walls some loving that all homeowners dream of.

Room needs fresh coat of paint and is prepared to be painted over.

Signs you should repaint your home

1. Peeling, cracking, or chipping paint

Peeling and cracking paint is a sure sign that your walls are due a paint update. Usually, this will happen as a result of water vapour collecting between your wall and the paint. Given enough time, the water vapour will cause the colour to pull away from the wall, causing the peeling and cracking you see.

On exterior walls, peeling and cracking is a sign that the elements have taken a toll on your paint. In both cases, you can’t ignore the problem as it will only get worse. You’ll have to get a new coat of paint on your walls if you want them looking their best again.

2. Fading paint

The second sign your home’s paint has run its course is when it’s faded and has lost its vibrancy. The most significant cause of fading paint is exposure to sunlight and heat but repeated scrubbing, and washing can also cause fading. Whatever the reason might be, faded paint means your walls are thirsty for some colour.

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3. Outdated paint

Another sign your home’s paint colours need updating is if your home looks like it was last painted before the turn of the millennium. Paint colours, like most other things, can also go out of fashion. Popcorn ceilings, ancient wallpaper, and sponge paints will keep your home feeling prehistoric.

Updating your home with modern or timeless paint colours will fill it with new life and give you another five to ten years before you have to worry about a new update.

4. Mould & mildew

Mould and mildew will leave you feeling repulsed by your own home. It usually grows in rooms where you have poor ventilation or excess moisture, and it can make enjoying those spaces difficult. If you have mould and mildew spreading, it's best to have the problem fixed. Once that is done, a fresh coat of paint will make the room welcoming again, and you can even get paint specially formulated to help prevent mildew and mould growth.

The upside to giving your home a new coat of paint

1. Increased curb appeal

A great reason to update your home’s paint colours is to push up its curb appeal and resell value. No one likes to have their home thought of as the old run-down house on the street. Giving your home a fresh coat of exterior paint will not only boost its curb appeal, but it’ll also take your breath away every time you pull up to your home, and that couldn’t be a bad thing.

2. Increased resell value

More than just upping your home’s curb appeal, giving your home a paint update can prove to be a central selling point if you ever decide to sell it. A fresh coat of paint will show potential buyers that you’ve taken the time over the years to maintain and look after the property. Given that painting your home can cost quite the premium, having people see your home in its best possible state will help them appreciate the benefits and value your home brings. Selling the property will be easier for you if buyers can see they won’t have to pay for updates on top of the purchase.

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Updating your home’s paint might seem like quite the project, but it will be worth it. A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference in how much you’re able to enjoy living in your home. It’ll also improve your ability to entertain guests and make sure everyone that visits your home leaves with a positive impression.

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