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Tsholofelo L. , 8 months ago

I got help by Marvellous Maids from Pretoria for the deep clean of the apartment before moving in.

Services: cleaning services, carpet cleaning, office cleaning, upholstery cleaning, steam cleaning, pressure washing, deep cleaning services, house cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, maid services.

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1 review
Tasneem R. , 1 years ago

We loved the the work of Sweep South cleaning agency! Truly awesome service!

Years on the market

Services: steam cleaning, house cleaning services, pressure washing, cleaning services, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, deep cleaning services, office cleaning, maid services, commercial cleaning services.

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Pamela , 1 years ago

We needed a custom-size carport and got sorted quickly and professionally by EXTREME MAINTENENCE. Definitely would recommend.

Sifiso T. , 1 years ago

Open to my ideas

Services: electrical installation, geyser installation and repair, carpet cleaning, office cleaning, maid services, electrical contractors, house renovation company, house wiring, electricians, blocked drains, electrical certificate of compliance, building contractors, cleaning services, house contractor, commercial cleaning services, builders.

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Protrude Cleaning

0 reviews

Services: house cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, maid services, steam cleaning, deep cleaning services, upholstery cleaning, cleaning services, carpet cleaning, office cleaning, pressure washing.

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Mollywood Maids

0 reviews

Services: pressure washing, cleaning services, carpet cleaning, commercial cleaning services, upholstery cleaning, steam cleaning, house cleaning services, maid services, office cleaning, deep cleaning services.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to be present for cleaning services?

    No. Once you meet with your selected cleaning company and specify what you want them to do, you can simply entrust them with the keys and they will do all the work while you are absent. If you wish to be present, however, no cleaning company will object to that.

  • How do I know I can trust the cleaning company with my keys?

    Before hiring a cleaning company, it is advisable to look for their references and recommendations.

  • Do I need to prepare anything before the cleaning company arrives?

    We recommend you pick up your stuff before cleaning company arrives as some won’t even do the picking up and others will charge you for the simple task that you can do best. You should also turn off your alarm system and have any special valuables put away.