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Services: 6x6 carport, aluminium carport, metal carport, carports, shade net carport, wood carport, double carport, steel carport, shade cloth carport, shadeports, carport installation, cantilever carport.

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Services: security doors, garden gate, garden fence, wood fence, turnstile gate, plastic fencing, fences, shade net carport, metal fence, steel gate, pool fence, shadeports, metal gates, carport installation, barbed wire fence, electric fence.

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Services: carports, aluminium carport, shade cloth carport, steel carport, metal carport, wood carport, double carport, shadeports, shade net carport, carport installation, cantilever carport, 6x6 carport.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What should I consider before determining the size of my carport?

    Things you should take into account before deciding on the size of the carport are: the number od vehicles you will park under the carport, the type of vehicle(s), the height of your vehicle(s), intended use of the carport (if you want to have extra storage space), if you are planning to buy anopther/a different vehicle.

  • What site preparation must be completed prior to installation of carport?

    The area of installation must be clear, firm and flat. Some companies can do site preparation for you, others offer installation only. Check with the chosen company before conducting the contract.

  • Do I need plans to install a carport?

    According to the SANS regulations you do not need plans but you should still check with your local council because you might need to get approval from them.

  • How long will my carport last?

    The lifespan of the carport depends on the quality of the carport and the materials it is made of, but no carport on the market should last less than 10 years.