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How much does a wedding planner cost?

  • R35,000R85,000 / wedding
    Wedding planning (max. of 10% of the total cost)
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Planning to hire a wedding planner but you are just not sure what to expect price-wise?

Procompare has been tracking trends in wedding planner prices in years and here is the latest wedding planner cost guide for year 2022.

What is cost data based on? Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by our Pros and on cost data retrieved from various specialized publications and websites, governmental reports, occupational associations or guilds, and related websites in South Africa.

Wedding planning (max. of 10% of the total cost)

  • R35,000R85,000 / wedding

This is the price of a full service wedding planning. For a budget option you can opt for an on-day coordination only. A wedding planner will often incur a percentage of cost of your overall wedding budget, but it will normally not exceed 10% of total wedding costs. A wedding planner's cost will depend on the size of your wedding, location, and the level of service provided. The average cost is usually R60,000 / wedding.

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Corporate event planning

  • Event date: October
  • City (or suburb) where you need the service: Benoni Country Club
  • Number of guests: More than 100
  • Services you need planning for: Catering, Equipment (tent, tables, chairs), Other

We have a Golf Day event held in October; we would appreciate your help to arrange a magnificent set up for this day. I wanted to check whether you have any white pallet furniture available for hire? We have a budget of R22 to spend on the décor / snacks & beverages (water/alcoholic beverages (Kegs?)). • Theme is Environmental sustainability (We will also need to cater on the snacks packed in recycable materials.) • Venue : Benoni Country Club • Hole : TBC We have golfers participating in this event, they will be at the hole for approximately 15 minutes to grab some refreshments and off to their next hole. Will it be possible for you to send us a proposal by the end of day if you can with your plans & costs so we can have this reviewed?