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City or suburb where you need the service: Vredehoek
Property type: Commercial
What needs to be painted?: Exterior walls, Windows and doors
Approx. size of the area to be painted (in sqm): More than 500 sqm
When (approximately) do you need painting?: 1–3 months
It is an apartment block. The block consists of ten apartments. 5 one bed and 5 bachelor. I need the whole block painted in plascon micatex including trim. Please give me an idea of costs per Sqm (if that’s how you calculate it). This would be for a proper Pre,p, fill, and paint of all exterior surfaces and trim (wi Dow’s, eaves, gutters). There are two flats on ground, four on. Idle level and four at the next level. Please give me a vague idea of price on this info. If you would like more info please email me rather than call.

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