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City or suburb: Citrusdal
Number of cars: 1 car
Carport use: Private
Estimated project start: Within a month
The canopy structure for walkways shall be designed to include portal frames, purlins, and metal sheet and supported on a reinforced concrete pad footings. All steel works shall be bolted or welded. Structural members of the covered walkway shall be adequately braced and connected to prevent displacement or distortion of the frame work. The canopy roof shall have adequate slope/bents to allow rain water discharge. Allow for rainwater downpipes. See figure 1 below The canopy structure for walkways shall have an opening of 2.6m wide and constructed to a height of the O&M modular space containers. The contractor shall comply with the National Building Standard and must prepare a complete structural design calculations for canopy members including pad footings. The total walkway is m long

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