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Andre V. N. , 1 months ago

They were punctual and did a good job. Their prices were reasonable.

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Services: security gates, electric gate, sliding driveway gate, metal gates, security guard services, gate automation, palisade gates, surveillance cameras, wooden gates, security system installation, garden gate, security doors, garage doors, roll up garage doors, pedestrian gate, armed security.

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Pahillz E. a. T. P. L. , 2 years ago

Aubcon Steel and Maintenance Projects contacted me in time, their location was very easy to access & their prices were very affordable.

Services: fences, concrete fence, palisade fencing, pool fence, metal fence, wire mesh fence, electric fence, razor wire fence, picket fence, plastic fencing, garden fence, wood fence, barbed wire fence.

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1 review
Henk N. , 10 months ago

Professional service by DOORMATIC.

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Services: pool fence, metal fence, wood fence, electric fence, picket fence, palisade fencing, steel garage doors, sectional garage doors, wire mesh fence, plastic fencing, wooden garage doors, aluminium garage doors, garage doors, garden fence, automatic garage doors, roll up garage doors.

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J D Fencing

0 reviews

Services: pool fence, plastic fencing, palisade fencing, electric fence, wood fence, metal fence, razor wire fence, concrete fence, wire mesh fence, garden fence, picket fence, barbed wire fence, fences.

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Services: barbed wire fence, garden fence, metal fence, concrete fence, electric fence, wood fence, wire mesh fence, plastic fencing, razor wire fence, palisade fencing, fences, picket fence, pool fence.

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Services: razor wire fence, maid services, painting services, garden edging, plastic fencing, water leak detection, yard designer, painters, plumbing services, gardeners, fences, party platters, plumbing companies, barbed wire fence, corporate catering, painting contractors.

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Services: electric fence, garden fence, wire mesh fence, metal fence, fences, plastic fencing, palisade fencing, wood fence, concrete fence, pool fence, picket fence, barbed wire fence, razor wire fence.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does the climate affect different fence materials?

    When choosing a fence, you should take into account the climate of the area where you live. For example, in colder climates, consider the frost line and use concrete anchors placed deep enough to support the fence posts. For warmer and wetter climates, you should stay away from most woods because they are susceptible to water damage. Vinyl is the best choice for more temperate regions as it can hold up in damp weather, but it can be damaged by extreme heat. If you live in an area that experiences frequent frigid temperatures, then you may want to stick with more durable materials. Metal, bamboo and specific species of wood are the most resilient materials in colder climates.

  • How high can my fence be?

    Boundary walls and fences must be measured from the existing level of the ground that abuts the wall or fence. If the level of the ground on opposite sides of the fence or wall are not equal, the height should be measured from the higher of the two sides. If soil is retained by a boundary wall, the maximum permitted height of the retained soil is 2,1 m. This should be measured from the natural ground level in front of the wall. A balustrade wall not exceeding 1 m in height is permitted above the level of the retained soil.

  • Do I need a plan for building a fence?

    For any fences that do not exceed 1.8 m in height you won’t need a plan as they are considered “minor building work”. However, you will still need authorisation by your local authority's building control officer.

  • How long will a concrete fence last?

    Concrete fence will last around 30 years with minimal maintenance.

  • What are concrete fences used for?

    Concrete walls or fences are very convenient ways to hide unsightly things like dumpsters or equipment. Concrete fences can also be used as privacy fences for backyard swimming pools or hot tubs.