Top 10 Electricians Cape Town, 2021

The service I received was excellent. They received my details and called me immediately, they were professional and the pricing was fair.
George W.
Very professional and friendly. Excellent value for money
We got sorted by E.F.I. for our electric fence. Would recommend!
Lynn E.
Excellent service , quick response .He made sure that the water went on very quickly. I would definitely recommend them .
Tamsyn A.
Kanu from T N K West Management Services, I liked his service he sent me the quote immediately & he was very professional!
Charmaine G.
0.0 | 0 reviews
Vuka Kusile Solutions, Cape Town
0.0 | 0 reviews
Cassiems Electrical, Cape Town
0.0 | 0 reviews
Imvusa Trading 1380CC, Cape Town
0.0 | 0 reviews
Gulliani Bros, Cape Town
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