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Architects, House designs
Property type: House/Townhouse
City or suburb where you need the service: Napie
Approx. size (sqm): Less than 100 sqm
Estimated project start: More than 3 months
Small home built in the style of a cottage. 2 Bedroom 2 Bath. Open kitchen Lounge Diningroom. Large fireplace. Separate scullery and washing room. Small study Attached double garage. Stand is on a slope. Additional cellar.Must have water storage facilities in cellar plus be partially solar enhanced and have gas installation for heat and cooking. Large "stoep" with generous roof attached. All cupboards to be built fixed and recessed into walls. Thick walls with built in seating at windows. Windows to be of medium to small size to retain heat in Winter and reduce heat in Summer. please send me quotes via email
Architects, House plan
Property type: House/Townhouse
City or suburb where you need the service: Nirvana (plolokwane)
Approx. size (sqm): 600
Estimated project start: 1–3 months
We wish to build a new modern and functional multi-level family home in Nirvana (polokwane). The house should have at-least 4 bedrooms (all en-suite). . The master bedroom should be on the ground floor as my mom is elderly ( avoiding stairs). Perhaps we can include a garden and decent size splash pool . Attached is the kind of style we are hoping to achieve with the new home.

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