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Property type: House/Townhouse
City or suburb where you need the service: Savannah estate
Approx. size (sqm): 500
Estimated project start: 1–3 months
Specification:double storey 4 bedrooms all in suites, one bedroom has to be downstairs. domestic headquarter with bath . guest toilet downstairs. Outside toilet for gardners. Closed Patio. Swimming pool. 2 spacious garage and man cave. Spacious kitchen (open plan kind of design), Two sitting room , one spacious lounge. Preferably lots of glass on the house than brick work.
Hyde Park
Property type: Apartment/Flat
City or suburb where you need the service: Johannesburg
Approx. size (sqm): 2500
Estimated project start: 1–3 months
Purchasing property at the moment and either need to demolish current building and build new block or alternatively work with current building structure if Architect recommends. 6 apartments, Similar in design except for the 2 on third floor (minor changes). Entire block is 3 storeys and apartments range from - square meters.

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